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February 02 2018

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February 01 2018

Him: I don’t date black women. It’s just a preference.

Me: Based on what?

Him: Nothing, it’s just how I feel.

Me: Impossible, deliberate aversions come from somewhere.

Him: Its just a preference, that’s all.

Me: No, a preference is preferring broccoli to asparagus. You can say that because asparagus will always taste the same, even when prepared differently.

Him: And?

Me: And we’re not always the same at all. There are hundreds of millions of us and we’re each completely different from the next. If an employer said not hiring Black people was a preference would you agree?

Him: No, but that’s based on stereotypes.

Me: … And what is yours based on, facts?

- discussion with a classmate earlier.

Love who you want, I don’t care, but please don’t disguise legitimate issues with a relationship.

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The Early Bird gets the Worm
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January 31 2018

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It is much better
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can somebody explain to me how something like this could happen

the car is part of the “punk” subculture and is striking out against authority and parents with outlandish hairstyles

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These kinds of responses are my FAVORITE. Some examples to answers to this question I have heard:


“Okay, and who’s the president?”

“Obama, no wait, shit *vehemently* fuck, I hate him… what’s his name…”

“It’s okay, you know who he is.”


“Who’s the president?”

“*drunkenly angry and confused* ..uhhhhhhh…Orange… damn it what’s the fuck’s name….

“Yup, good enough.”


“And who’s the president,”

“Not fuckin’ Obama!”

“I feel ya.”


“Who’s the president- wait, nevermind you’re from Korea you said, right? So who’s-“

“Everybody knows that Trump-bitch.”

“Oh, well, alright then.”

5. (My personal favorite)

“Who’s the president?”


“Good enough.”

My roommate is a neurologist and has to do this check all the time. Her all-time favorite so far has been “ay dios mio” during which the woman was vigorously crossing herself.

lol me too , lady

January 28 2018

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german communication culture
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