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December 14 2017


me, seeing someone with my body type: nice

me, seeing my own body: no

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i hate elitist expensive classy food culture

In all seriousness this is what I’m talking about whenever I go off on how the rich can’t even spend their fucking money. Do you honestly think these fuckers are getting that much enjoyment out of these goddamn gummy bears compared to regular store-bought one? No, they get enjoyment out of the CONCEPT of them, out of the thrill of conspicuous consumption in the face of people who actually have to work for a living, or who, god forbid, don’t even have the opportunity.

So they’ll buy seven houses when you would be hard-pressed to justify them owning two, and they’ll buy huge-ass limousines and designer clothes just to look a tiny bit cooler (as if any real fan of a celebrity gives a fuck about the label they’re wearing rather than the content they put out, or the persona they have, or even the way the outfit actually LOOKS), and they’ll pay out the ass for ludicrously expensive ingredients placed in such ludicrously tiny portions that they can barely fucking taste them.

I don’t understand it even slightly. I can barely imagine what I’d do with $150,000 a year, much less millions. And I’m not even like a “simple pleasures” fanatic – sure, I get the appeal of a second house! I get the appeal of regular vacations! I get the appeal of eating steak five nights a week, drinking expensive champagne! But wealth disparity has become so fucking absurd in this country and on this planet that those quasi-reasonable luxuries aren’t enough, so they have to make up bullshit that can’t possibly even be enjoyable in its own right just so they can feel good about having money.

It’s disgusting. Eat the rich.







TIL the Supreme Court has ruled police have no legal duty to enforce restraining orders, after police failed to act on the restraining order of a mother whose 3 children were later murdered by her ex-husband.

via reddit.com

Kinda puts all those “next time you’re in trouble and need help don’t call the police since you hate them so much” arguments in perspective

they also ruled that the police have no legal duty to protect someone, full stop (same case iirc)

and the reason was that their only legal obligation is to protect private property.  not people, not even personal property.  private property.  like starbucks windows, but not human lives.

Holy fuck, I figured @soul-hammer was putting their argument in context in some way that the justices themselves may not have been conscious of, but that’s exactly what they said- because no monetary value is involved, the police have no obligation to enforce a restraining order. Full stop.

“The Court’s majority opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia held that enforcement of the restraining order was not mandatory under Colorado law; were a mandate for enforcement to exist, it would not create an individual right to enforcement that could be considered a protected entitlement under the precedent of Board of Regents of State Colleges v. Roth; and even if there were a protected individual entitlement to enforcement of a restraining order, such entitlement would have no monetary value and hence would not count as property for the Due Process Clause.”

Basically it fully acknowledges that the police are little more then the enforcement arm of capitalism.

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Ani Pachen (1933-2002): Tibetan Warrior Nun

Whew, that took forever. There is a TON more info - please check the website here for more details in the footnotes. As you can imagine, any entry on Tibet is going to have more nuance than you could hope to fit in. I tried to portray Pachen and Tibet as complex and flawed as they are/were. 

Art notes and whatnot after the cut.

Keep reading







No one wants actual cishets in LGBT+ spaces. We just want that word used correctly.

Also if a ‘cishet’ is insisting they want to be part of LGBTA+ spaces… there’s probably a reason for it, and chances are they are not as cis and/or het as they initially thought.

You know what? I’ll say it: I want the occasional cishet in our spaces.

“Who do we let in?” is, at its core, a security problem. And one of the more important lessons in security design is that no system is perfect. Either you let through the occasional attacker (and, ideally, have a plan to get rid of them and minimize the damage when they’re eventually caught) or you keep out legitimate members.

I will gladly take the occasional “cishet” person who is invested strongly enough in our causes to be able to fool us, given that the alternative is to keep out struggling queer people who need help.

Completely agreed. And I think it’s so telling how many people want to focus on creating a system that keeps people out for having the ‘wrong’ identity, which creates immense pressure to take on labels before someone might be ready to do so and punishes questioning, instead of a system that keeps out harmful behaviour (like harassing identities you don’t like and abusing others)

Seeing as I appear very cishet from an outside perspective (very masc presenting currently, with wife and kids), and I am very, *very* much not cishet, I would appreciate the benefit of the doubt given to me, just as I would want the benefit of the doubt given to anyone who wants to be included in an LGBTQ+ space.

^^^^^ this. Strict gatekeeping can only lead to 2 things: 1) judging everyone based on how they look, or 2) forcing everyone to not only understand and have terms for themselves, but also out themselves even if they may not be ready.

Neither makes for a safe community.


handing over the planet to the next generation like

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Stop demonizing riots.-@zellieimani

The main contradiction of liberal democracy is that it has largely been shaped through a history of various forms of illegal civil disobedience against entrenched power structures. Such civil disobedience is (retrospectively) seen as justified, and the people committing it are (retrospectively) seen as heroes…but each successive generation is asked to believe that any further civil disobedience would be unreasonable.

each successive generation is asked to believe that any further civil disobedience would be unreasonable.

December 12 2017

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-_- and :/ are irreplaceable emoticons that emojis will never be able to touch

literally 😑 & 😕

if you think 😕 has the same power as :/ you are a blind fool

:P will never be recreated



my little brother whos 7 was saying girls can’t be scientists and my little sister whos 5 looked at him offended and said “princess bubblegum is a girl and shes a scientist, jonny!” and he said “oh yeah…ok nvm” and they continued eating breakfast like nothing. THIS IS WHY REPRESENTATION IS IMPORTANT GUYS!!!!!!!

Photo source

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December 10 2017

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More Than Ten Years on Testosterone - Is It Safe??



Have you ever worried about the possible long-term effects of being on Testosterone?

Well, you can relax because science has your back.

Italian researchers concluded in 2014 that “Testosterone administration in FtM subjects has a good safety profile” after finding “no significant serious adverse effects and no clinically relevant changes” in 45 FTM patients treated for at least 10 years with T.

Also notable: “Liver and kidney function tests did not show any significant changes.”

The aim of the study was to assess the effects and safety of Testosterone administration on body weight, lipid profile, hematological and bone parameters in trans men.

Source: Safety of More Than Ten Years Testosterone Administration in FTM Subjects. Cristina Meriggiola, MD, PhD, Antonietta Costantino, PhD, Carla Pelusi, MD, Martina Lambertini, MD, Alberto Bazzocchi, MD. Book of Abstracts, WPATH 2014 Biennial International Symposium.

Related Studies:

Largest Study to Date: Transgender Hormone Treatment Safe (2014)

Long-term cross-sex hormone treatment is safe in transsexual subjects.
Cristina Meriggiola M, Berra M. Asian Journal of Andrology. 2012;14(6):813-814. doi:10.1038/aja.2012.89.

Also see: Myths and Misconceptions about Testosterone - FTM Guide

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Just wanted to share this coming out story from a guy I saw on First Dates. He came out to his dad when he was 20, and then his mum when he was 21, after trying very hard to hide that part of himself and never really discussing anything like that in their household. Hearing his mother’s response after he explained all that was really gratifying. To all Muslim LGBT+ people, As-Salaam-Alaikum <3




a good trope: a character from a very warm place seeing snow for the first time and being absolutely wonderstruck 

Counter trope: a person from a very cold place seeing/feeling warm sand, palm trees, and tropical plants/warm animals for the first time and being absolutely wonderstruck

Or there’s the trope my friend acted out when she saw snow for the first time: “Oh, I’ve wanted to see snow in real life for so long now! I’ve dreamed of this my entire life! It’s so pretty and–HOLY FUCK IT’S NOT SOFT AND FLUFFY THE WAY IT LOOKS IN PICTURES IT’S COLD AND WET AND OH MY GODS GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE TO SOMEPLACE WARM WHY DID I EVER LEAVE MY TROPICAL HOME I’M GOING TO DIE OUT HERE THEY WILL FIND MY FROZEN CORPSE TELL MY MOTHER I LOVE HER I’M NOT GONNA MAKE IT!”

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