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October 18 2017

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Christopher Tolkien explains why his father, JRR Tolkien, wrote down “The Hobbit” in the first place, when it was originally intended to be an oral bedtime story for his children.

(found in the forward to The Hobbit Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, 1987)

‘Damn the boy’

#have you ever been so annoying you caused the reinvention of an entire literary genre

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some carrie fisher tweets to brighten your day

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October 17 2017

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Page 98!!! First team post!!! Yaaaayy!!!!

(Inks by Will, colors by Angie)

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October 15 2017





my femme girlfriend: [hour and a half later] ok I’m ready to leave the house

me: [throwing on shorts and a tank top] okay baby i love you and you look so pretty

My overdressed butch ass: [hour and a half later] ok I’m ready to leave the house

My femme girlfriend: [throwing on a sundress and head scarf] okay baby I love you and you look so handsome

Me: [after spending 6 hours on my hair and makeup] Babe I’m ready to head out now

My femme wife: [who has also taken 6 hours] Okay babe I love you I’m ready and your highlight is poppin severely but you need to blend that contour in a little bit

Me: [fixing her eyebrows] I love you

this post fixed my brows and cleared my skin

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I love watching Disney movies when you’re older and come across scenes like this. I laughed for five minutes.

Hades was the original sassy gay friend.

Of course he is the sassy gay friend, look at him he flaming.

this post is perfect

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I have no idea what the story of this anime is, and it’s pretty obvious who the protag is, but I’m gonna add character to the girls to the left with no face


introducing these two background characters in this slice of life romantic comedy/drama - they love each other a lot, and the girl to the left is grumpy because her girlfriend to the right forgot to give her her good morning kiss.

taller girl on the right is oblivious because she was so excited when they got up because she’s treating her girlfriend to a surprise date at the amusement park that she forgot to give her a good morning kiss. they’ll have their first smooch of the day at the very top of the ferris wheel 💋

the guy to the right of the protag (with the glasses) is a simple office worker who loves his family very very much and cannot wait to get back home to his children

The guy on the far left is wanting to get home to make dinner. He lives alone, but he promised his kitten they would have some grilled fish as a treat! He loves her very much.

The tall one behind the two girls just got back from a job interview. He didn’t get the job but he’s confidant he’ll get the next one. He needs to provide for his son and two daughters after all.

Person to the left of the pink hair girl is a retired hit-man struggling to adjust to a normal life but hes recently found a woman that works at a cafe down the street from his new job and things seem to be going well.

the man on the far far right is anxious as it’s his and his boyfriend first date aniversary and that’s the longest he lasted in a relationship, he is confident that this one will last tho

This is so pure.

Everyone is the protagonist of their own story.

Everyone is the protagonist of their own story.
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LGBT+ PRIDE (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

yo I usually don’t comment outside of tags anymore cuz I don’t like to clutter up posts too much but these are fucking DOPE AS HELL

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We didn’t have a word for our, as you guys call, gay/lesbian people. So we coined that word as an umbrella for all our tribes. We never said, “Well, you’re transgender. You’re bisexual. You’re lesbian.” We never knew those terms. Those are all from Western culture, you know, LGBTQ and all that. So on some level, it’s about getting rid of labels. Those terms were forced upon us.
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delicious drinks

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October 10 2017







the moon is a lesbian and she hates terfs

the moon told me personally that she thinks you’re obnoxious and hopes you never get a girlfriend

I have a theory that the moon IS a trans woman cause she’s always associated with feminine things but when we saw the craters that look like a face we called it “The Man In The Moon”. She’s a woman with a face that people may perceive as male. She’s a beautiful trans woman

Omg ❤️

In Russian there are gendered nouns and when the moon is not full (crescent phase, etc.) the word for moon is the male noun, mesyats. When the moon is full it’s called by the female noun, luna. I don’t know to what degree this persists in other Slavic languages today, but it was a feature in historical times. I can’t find a strong academic source right now, (have to run off to class), but this website states that the ancient Slavs believed that during the moon cycle the moon turns from a young man into a maiden moon that lives out her life as female and ages into an old woman (it is fact that the moon is portrayed sometimes as male and sometimes as female in Slavic myth) (by the way, the moon certainly has a wife in some myths as well). Then the cycle starts all over again. It seems as if the moon has chosen to replay her transition every month as a form of solidarity and instruction to all terrestrial trans women.

[Some information about this]

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Hands exercise :) 

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