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October 15 2017

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October 10 2017







the moon is a lesbian and she hates terfs

the moon told me personally that she thinks you’re obnoxious and hopes you never get a girlfriend

I have a theory that the moon IS a trans woman cause she’s always associated with feminine things but when we saw the craters that look like a face we called it “The Man In The Moon”. She’s a woman with a face that people may perceive as male. She’s a beautiful trans woman

Omg ❤️

In Russian there are gendered nouns and when the moon is not full (crescent phase, etc.) the word for moon is the male noun, mesyats. When the moon is full it’s called by the female noun, luna. I don’t know to what degree this persists in other Slavic languages today, but it was a feature in historical times. I can’t find a strong academic source right now, (have to run off to class), but this website states that the ancient Slavs believed that during the moon cycle the moon turns from a young man into a maiden moon that lives out her life as female and ages into an old woman (it is fact that the moon is portrayed sometimes as male and sometimes as female in Slavic myth) (by the way, the moon certainly has a wife in some myths as well). Then the cycle starts all over again. It seems as if the moon has chosen to replay her transition every month as a form of solidarity and instruction to all terrestrial trans women.

[Some information about this]

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Hands exercise :) 

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Ju-Hyun Park

“Love and fury can coexist” is one of the rawest fucking statements regarding human rights activism that I’ve ever heard



I remember talking to someone who said “I can’t handle when kids get so worked up over dumb things, like a papercut is the worst thing to ever happen to them” 

if they’re 3-4, hopefully it IS the worst thing to ever happen to them. out of nowhere there’s hurt, there’s red, there’s BLOOD??? FROM A PAPER?? of course they’re flipping out jesus christ wouldn’t you 

i feel like such a huge part of dealing with and loving the babies is understanding what that post said: everything is new to them. sometimes it’s fun and amazing (seeing snow, touching a baby chick) but sometimes it’s very overwhelming.  imagine a carnival, a mall, a loud crowded place, having never experienced it before. 

a thing I hear in teaching a lot is “little people have big emotions. it’s our job to create calm, not add to their chaos” 

of all the things I’ve made, said, or put in text that hit 1k, this is the best one

October 09 2017








Not very many people on tumblr have been posting about the protests and police violence in St. Louis right now. This surprises me.

It’s like I said, it’s not interesting enough for tumblr anymore. When the black lives matter protests were first happening, it was a huge thing on tumblr. Now tumblr’s bored of it and you don’t even hear about it anymore.

I suppose that’s true. It’s just troubling because literally hundreds of people have been arrested. They literally strangled an old black woman at the galleria. Yesterday protestors shut down hwy 40 (which is the main central highway through the city). And they arrested those documenting and advocating first. Please tell me it’s not totally fucking terrifying that their first priority is to make sure no one else can see what they are doing. The city is being sued for their treatment of protestors. 

I am pasting in some photos for those following the post. This has all been happening for the last two weeks. These are organized actions. 


This is literally the first I’ve seen about this.

I suppose for the sake of people who don’t know my beloved St. Louis, I should be clear and state that this is the same place where Ferguson is. Ferguson is suburb of St. Louis, but the way out county/city is laid out, Ferguson is really just a neighborhood in St. Louis, so this is a continuation of the Ferguson uprising that has been reinvigorated after Jason Stockley (white cop) was acquitted for the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith (black man). Stockley chose to pursue a bench trial, and the judge acquitted him citing the following racist bullshit….

Important line transcribed for those who can see the image: “Finally, the Court observes, based on its nearly thirty years on the bench, that an urban heroin dealer not in possession of a firearm would be an anomaly.”


I believe its because of the fact that Black tumblr is exhausted from reblogging the protests and riots.

In 2013/2014, Black Lives Matter was all over the place. No matter where you were on tumblr, you mustve seen it at least once. Black tumblr pushed that hashtag day and night, 24/7.

Then whenever people died in the hands of police officers, we would post most of the victims on tumblr and there names would trend on Facebook, Twitter, n Tumblr.

After, when the Judge rules the cop not guilty, Black tumblr pops off again, and the name of the victim and Black Lives Matter would trend all over again.

After years, I think Black tumblr have just been exhausted from reblogging police brutality and protests and cops getting away with murder because its honestly depressing and its the same thing over and over and over again.

I believe Black tumblr is aware of whats going on on St. Louis, but honestly, we’ve grown numb to it, and thats the saddest part of it all imo.

I didn’t even know this was happening now, and that’s probably because of the above reason. Folks who follow are also numbed by the events.

We protest. We riot. We scream about the same thing for so long. We get tired.

Other solutions have to be created.

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until 1979 homosexuality was classed as an illness in sweden so you could call in sick bc you had the hots for paper boy in the morning

Ellie, I’m disappointed in you, you left out the best part. The reason they took it out in 1979 was because, to protest it, a shitton of people actually did. They’d get calls upon calls upon calls with “I can’t come in today, I’m feeling pretty gay”

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Golf ball hitting steel at 150mph, recorded at 70 000fps

physics is so fucked up

Physics is fine. The world is fucked up.

October 08 2017

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Salam Alaikum Tumblr fam. One of my friends living in Kenya is dying from a disease in his throat. It prevents him from eating solid food. His family cannot afford the surgery to treat his condition. Please donate anything you can to help. Help others and Allah will help you https://www.gofundme.com/help-mohamednoor-ali-aden

If you cannot donate, please share.

[GoFundMe Currently:

$1,759 of $30k goal]

It’s been 3+ days since any donations. Please donate !

It’s been 10+ days since any donations. Pls donate if you can !


every fall teenage girls are like.. “oh , im gonna enter a place of business and order a product which is offered by that place of business because i like the flavor of it” and honestly? how dare they. that’s so annoying. why can’t they buy the beverage that i, a smart man, would prefer to drink

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“Peacefully advocating for genocide”

Hold up





harry potter, surprising literally everyone, retires from being an auror to make ceramics in a cottage in the hills. “i don’t know,” the boy who lived said in a statement. “becoming a potter just seemed right, you know?”

I’ve been on this site for how long and I am in shock it took this long for a potter joke

i draw and make pottery but ive never drawn somebody doing pottery so this was fun and i fully support this even if its just a joke lol

#youre a hazard harry

October 06 2017





I know there’s a widespread lack of understanding/context on this, but “butch” and “femme” are not a spectrum with every possible experience falling in between them somewhere. they are not just synonyms for “masculine and feminine”. it’s more than that. butch is not synonymous to “gender nonconforming” and femme is not the same thing as “gender conforming”. 

butch and femme are a distinct identity framework that developed around certain forms of expression, presentation and interactions between women who loved and had sex with each other and that remains true now. butch falls within the category of gnc womanhood, but there are things specific to butchness that are not shared by every gnc woman. likewise, femme women may be feminine, but are not gender conforming. there are gender nonconformances that femme women share, culturally indicated behaviors, markers of expression etc that femme women engage in that do not read as gender conforming - which is why I can often (not always but often) tell a femme woman from a straight woman. not to say that one can always read an identity from stereotypes, but indicators/signals are a thing.  

the “futch spectrum” post(s) that went ‘high femme, femme, futch, butch, stone butch’ or w/e, was brought up as a lesbian tumblr joke, but ended up confusing a lot of ppl about what butch and femme are. ppl who took that spectrum seriously got this perspective of it as “super girly, girly, in the middle, not girly, really masculine” which is… not at all how butch and femme work as identifiers. if you don’t identify as one or the other you don’t have to pick an awkward spot on a spectrum between them because those things aren’t a spectrum. you’re either butch, femme, or neither and being neither and not identifying with that framework is just fine and not uncommon. 

I think in order for ppl to understand more about how “butch” and “femme” came into use (especially in the gay bar scene among other related places in the 60′s), and what those identities entailed, it’s important to read literature, for example, like Stone Butch Blues. that’s only one title and there are others but that’s the first one that pops into my head. feel free to reblog with others. the way butch and femme developed in the time portrayed in that literature are not necessarily reflective of the exact way they are today, but it does give a background context, and introduces the concept that not every gay woman identifies as butch or femme and that’s been true since the start of their use.

summary: the butch/femme framework is a specific cultural dynamic. there’s variety within it, and sub-groups and labels that different femme and butch women use to describe themselves. but even with that variety, not every gnc woman is going to fit within a butch narrative (or want to at all). femme women are gnc to certain degrees. many women are not either. and u just can’t equate “femme” and “butch” with masculine and feminine, or with an all encompassing spectrum that everything falls in, because it doesn’t. 

More things to read: Persistent Desire & Boots of Leather Slippers of Gold

thank you! 

to add some things of import re: the origin and development of butch/femme culture historically

-butch/femme were not only specific to the bar scene but also surrounding / related places like drag shows, ball culture, on the street, in working class jobs where many butch women worked, etcetera. butch/femme was a very working class framework in its origin, and upper class lesbians in academia at the time often fought to distance themselves from it because they saw it as “regressive” or associated with a certain scene. many communities of black gay women also used this framework.

-many butches worked factory or other industry jobs that were mostly male dominated, and were the lifeblood of those workplaces, but were excluded often from unions. 

-there were many femmes in the bar scene, although not all femmes, who were also sex workers, colloquialized as “pros”.  this overlap showed up very visibly in the bar scene.

-butch womanhood was viewed / defined as ppl who were women, who loved other women, and presented themselves in ways that were socially marked as masculine or non-feminine (including clothes, hairstyles, certain coded mannerisms and behaviors, jobs, etc). 

-some butch women made the decision to go on hormones / get top surgery / etc even though they did not view themselves as men, either to pass for safety or to try to alleviate intense dysphoria. this decision was viewed with a lot of complexity in their communities and there was some conflict around it.

-ppl who identified as femmes were women who took pride and care in feminine presentation, but did not do so for the sake of men. they wanted to be seen and interacted with (romantically/sexually) by other women. many went to bars seeking out the specific companionship of butches, or defined their femmeness by “wanting to be with a butch”. the reverse was also true of a lot of butches (going to bars to seek out femmes to interact with). 

-there were butches who saw other butches romantically, and femmes who saw other femmes, but this was rarer in the 60′s, 70′s etc, and some femme/butch women saw those relationships as a defiance of the framework (i.e believed that the butch/femme framework was meant to have that polarity / that polarity was a central piece of it). I think there are still some of these intracommunity issues today but it is more common for butch/butch femme/femme relationships to exist and be looked upon with acceptance.

-police often raided bars at this time looking for people who didn’t meet the minimum requirement of “three or more articles of their “proper” gendered clothing”. this meant that a lot of transfem amab people, drag queens, and butches were the biggest hypervisible targets of police violence and sexual violence. this violence defined and affected butch/femme subculture viscerally. it also brought these groups together in solidarity and shared relationships. 

-lastly, the book Stone Butch Blues is available officially as a free pdf due to the author’s death and in honor of the 20th anniversary (i think?) edition. it can be found at lesliefeinberg.net  I think it’s a really important text re: understanding butch/femme as a framework and the women who identified with it and gave it its foundation during its early stages. It’s been a source of a lot of my info. Leslie Feinberg hirself was a working class butch lesbian who lived these experiences that she wrote about. I learned a lot from reading it. again the current definitions of butch/femme aren’t going to be identical to the experiences highlighted in a book set around the 60′s, but it is the origins of butch/femme, there are still things about butch/femme identity that are very similar, and u cannot remove the terms from that historical context. 

October 05 2017

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happy bisexuality visibility day from everyone’s favourite bisexual ❤💜💙

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Can we get a name???

This is Chinese artist, Luo Li Rong

Here’s a snippet about her from this article (that also features more photographs of her work, including this sculpture):

Rong has pursued sculpting since an early age. She studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, then under the tutelage of sculptor Wang Du, and later she “immersed herself” in figurative sculpture techniques used by European artists in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Their sense of femininity plays a defining role in Rong’s contemporary works, and the stylistic guidelines help carry on the tradition of realistic sculptures in art.

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The Leatherdos is a hair clip that doubles as a multi-tool that combines 5 different tools in a tiny hair clip: screw-drivers, a wrench, a trolley coin, a ruler, and a cutting edge.


This some of that James Bond shit.

Swiss Army Hairclip

Imagine you get kidnapped or some shit, how useful that might be?


Lightly hot glue a flower to it and you could make it cute and frilly without sacrificing functionality. Low temp hot glue pops right off.

this is some Kingsman shit right here


Fun story: I have one of these, and wore it every day while working as a vet assistant at a pet clinic. One day a kitten comes in with a cord knotted around her neck, and everyone’s trying to get it unknotted before she heads in for her spay.

I just whip off the hair clip, grab the cord, and slice through it in one go. Everyone stood there, surprised, and stared at the cord in my hand that I just sawed through with a hair clip

This would be AMAZING if you got kidnapped, or, in this case, a pet gets tangled in something. It’s very light and flexible, but the insides of the teeth are sharp enough to get the job done.

I have one of these and if Im not wearing it in my hair its in my wallet or pocket. And yeah that serrated saw edge can cut through anything. Rope, wood and fabric especially.



that mental illness feel where you’re tired as shit but you wanna stay awake as long as possible for some ungodly reason

Because tomorrow is a new day and you have to deal with it if you sleep

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