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May 27 2017

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May 26 2017


But what about humans and casual destruction? Like you set a bunch of humans in some mildly boring situation and they’ll start idly tearing apart bits of paper or leaves, pulling grass out of a lawn, flaking off bark. And either they don’t notice, ever, only when someone points it out to them, or when they refocus enough to stop. 

…until they start casual destruction again.

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My favorite thing about Victor Hugo is that the Notre Dame Cathedral was a huge eyesore on the verge of collapsing and was planned to be demolished but Victor Hugo was like “hey :( I like that building” and wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame to save it. and it worked

In the book he described the cathedral in the state it was in but also in comparison to what it looked like in the 15th century before it got all fucked up in the French Revolution. His book got translated into a fuck ton of languages and was distributed all around Europe. Tourists who were fans of him would go to see it while in Paris and were appalled to see just how bad of shape it was in and it started to become stain on paris’ reputation.

So finally the king funded the Hella expensive restoration which I imagine was one really fucking gnarly project, the structure it’s self being the tip of the ice burg because of how many religious artifacts and statutes and junk that had been ruined.

So thanks Vicky that’s one hell of a beautiful tower.

So you’re telling me that we still have the Notre Dame Cathedral because of fanfiction?


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… I do think it’s a pity that the word [friendzone] went this way. In its apparent first appearance, in (appropriately enough!) Friends, Joey diagnoses Ross as in Rachel’s “friendzone” — but neither of them cast this as Rachel’s fault or a choice she has made. Joey explicitly says “she has no idea what you’re thinking.” The problem is not her, it’s that Ross has waited too long to declare his feelings and now Rachel will 1) find it hard to shift the way she thinks about him and 2) will be reluctant to jeopardise the friendship.It’s a noun, not a verb, and it’s a place you wander into, not a place you are put. I wish it had stayed that way.
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Making the best out of a boring task

by @uaiHebert

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I love the use of the word “arrives” like it was expected yet also somewhat feared

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When I start talking…

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