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February 11 2018

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February 04 2018

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The guy in Thor who looked like Jesus

Praise Jesus

reblog if youre not afraid to have jesus on your blog

my lord and savior

Well Jesus wasn’t white we are doing something right if this kid remembers that

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The National Academy of Sciences provides a free ‘science hotline’ for filmmakers in order to encourage more scientifically accurate movies. The service is free to both professional and amateur films, as well as TV and video game projects. 

Most of the Avengers films have used it, as well as Thor, TRON: Legacy, Prometheus, Green Lantern, Ant-Man, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and more.


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I ordered some lube from amazon. Now amazon shows me ads for gay erotica. I think that AI just made a very sad statement about the average straight persons sex life.
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“New York Times does not use Rita Moreno’s name, instead calls her “a guest.” Rita Moreno is one of 12 EGOTs in history - she has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.”

Yashar Ali


Guest?!?! She’s a f@ucking legend!!!

What the fuck is this nonsense??

This is Rita Fucking Moreno. Like that’s her actual middle name. (It’s not, but it should be, tbh.)



Top: Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/rita-moreno/31/

President Barack Obama presents the 2009 National Medal of Arts to Rita Moreno during a ceremony February 25, 2010 in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C.

Moreno was given the award “for her remarkable achievements on stage and screen. Her performances have served as touchstones to millions of Americans for whom she reflects their own passions, troubles, and joys.”

Middle: Source: https://twitter.com/theritamoreno

her profile pic showing her wearing the Kennedy Center Honors during the 2015 ceremony where she was recognized for her lifetime contribution to the arts

Bottom: Source: https://www.npr.org/2013/03/10/173726066/rita-moreno-reflects-on-anita-awards-and-accents

A still image from the film West Side Story, as Anita, a role for which she won an Academy Award in 1962.

Get the fuck out of here with this “Guest” bullshit.


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Do not punish the behaviour you want to see


I mean, it seems pretty obvious when you put it like that, right?

But how many families, when an introvert sibling or child makes an effort to socialize,  snarkily say, “So, you’ve decided to join us”?

Or when someone does something they’ve had trouble doing, say, “Why can’t you do that all the time?” (Happened to me, too often.)

Or any sentence containing the word “finally”. 

If someone makes a step, a small step, in a direction you want to encourage, encourage it. Don’t complain about how it’s not enough. Don’t bring up previous stuff. Encourage it.

Because I swear to fucking god there is nothing more soul-killing, more motivation-crushing, than struggling to succeed and finding out that success and failure are both punished.


February 02 2018

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You’re welcome.

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