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“My bisexuality is not defined by men.

My bisexuality is not about men.

My bisexuality is not for men.

If my bisexuality even includes men, it is on my own terms: cautiously, reluctantly, inadvisably, and as such an afterthought to nonbinary people and women that to call it ‘secondary’ would be too much.

I used to be pansexual; now I’m probably not. I don’t feel the change in my orientation as an abstract change in potential or capacity (e.g., ‘I can’t be attracted to men’); I feel it as a very concrete, habitual status: I’m not attracted to men.

My bisexuality is defined by me.

My bisexuality is about nonbinary people, women, and me.

My bisexuality is for people I choose to share it with, in the ways I choose to share it, but always most of all for me.”

— Kayla Rosen, Today’s Identity of the Day Is…#3: Man-Hating Bisexual zine, available in physical form here for $6 and digitally here for $3

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