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Shapeshifters: Quintuple Binder Giveaway

Dear friends.

It’s been two months since our last regular store giveaway. Around here, it has been a ridiculous two months. We launched Donor-Funded Giveaways, and you all promptly funded four. We cleaned out our studio space, took inventory, stocked new fabrics and put all the leftovers on clearance

Oh, also? Thanks to all of you we made 250 new sales. As you may recall, our policy is one binder giveaway for 50 sales. Ergo, it’s time for a quintuple giveaway. 

Five lucky winners of this giveaway will each receive one $50 Shapeshifters binder! This means any single-sided, non-custom binder in the store

Thank you always for spreading the word, telling your friends, talking about us, and, of course, for your amazing direct support. You’re so excellent. 

The fine print:

  • Only reblogs or retweets count. One per blog/twitter. No giveaway blogs.
  • Retweet this tweet and follow the @ShapeshiftersCB twitter for an extra entry.
  • Entries from all countries are welcome.
  • You may reblog without entering, just tag or comment accordingly so we know. Signal boosts are always appreciated.
  • If you have commentary, please add it in the tags! Due to Tumblr limitations beyond our control, your entry may not be counted if you add text to this post.
  • Five winners will be randomly selected from all entrants on **June 18, 2017**. We will send an ask and a message notifying Tumblr winners, and a DM notifying winners on Twitter.
  • If any winner does not get back to us within three days, a new winner will be selected in their place.
  • Any winner may purchase add-ons to their binder as desired.

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